Win Cash And Prizes In The 2018 Dan E. Sickles Replace The Lake Contest

Lake Ronkonkoma News

The Committee To Drain Lake Ronkonkoma today announced the 2018 Dan E. Sickles Replace The Lake Contest to find and reward the most exciting ideas to replace Lake Ronkonkoma. Starting today and running through July 1, 2018, the contest allows anyone living in the United States to submit their ideas for replacing the lake, thereby forging a bright, new future for the community of Ronkonkoma. Winners will be awarded one of four prize packages, along with a chance to see their winning idea showcased on the campaign website.

Once the centerpiece of Long Island, Lake Ronkonkoma has been plagued by toxic pollution, deadly E. Coli infestations, and yearly deaths attributed by the community to an angry Indian ghost princess. It is closed regularly by county officials, despite ongoing and ineffectual half-measures to clean up the mess. The Committee To Drain Lake Ronkonkoma believes that the only reasonable answer is to drain it - to the bottom - and start from scratch.

Though many residents favor refilling the lake after thoroughly cleaning the empty lake bed, The Committee To Drain Lake Ronkonkoma believes that alternative plans are worth serious attention. The website offers a few initial suggestions that would supercharge the economy, stimulate local business, and restore Ronkonkoma to its former glory. The Dan E. Sickles Replace The Lake Contest seeks to add to this list, crowdsourcing the best possible ideas from the best minds in the country.

Top prize for the best idea is $300.00, and in keeping with the march towards the future, the winner can choose to be paid instantly in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Luddites also have the option of receiving a prepaid debit card instead. Other prize winners will receive merchant gift cards in various amounts and all winners will receive a Drain The Lake gift package and have their ideas recognized on the campaign website.

More information on the contest can be found on the contest homepage and in the contest informtion flyer.