Lake Ronkonkoma Goes For the Hat Trick - Yet Again Declared Unsafe For Human Life

Lake Ronkonkoma News

With the summer almost gone, Lake Ronkonkoma has been closed again. Officials say that the lake will reopen when it is no longer deadly, but at this point it will be cold when that happens. So for all intents and purposes, the lake has been closed down for the season. Again.

"Completely, totally and utterly disgraceful" stated a member of The Committee To Drain Lake Ronkonkoma, referring to the amount of time the lake is closed each summer. "Nobody can use this lake, why does it continue to occupy this space year after year. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever."

Other residents shared these sentiments as they are told, yet again, they will have to cool off someplace else. And the entire community is left wondering when this longstanding, festering problem will be solved for once and all.

Happy summer!