The death toll keeps rising...





Killed directly by the lake since 1893.

Why no women?

Women make up 51% of the general population, and can be seen among the crazy, reckless people that make the incomprehensible choice to swim in the lake when it is actually open. Logic and probability dictate that out of 168 people killed under mysterious circumstances - one of them would have been a woman! At least one, right?!

Not if the legend is true. If there is in fact a racist, homicidal Indian Princess living in the lake and killing only white men - then you could see a statistic like this happen. All efforts to locate this zombie princess have failed - and will continue to fail. Unless, of course, we Drain The Lake ™. Then she will have no place to hide.

You can read more about this very-likely-to-be-true legend here:

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The Silent Victims

Toxic Waste long term poisoning
Deadly Bacteria diarrhea and doom
Dangerous Debris tetanus and septicemia

168 people may not seem like much, but what of all the silent victims of this dirty and toxic monstrosity? People that cut their feet on rusty debris and later die of blood poisoning. People that had their skin poisoned by swimming in toxic waste, only later to have a doctor declare a natural death?

What about the people who contract E. Coli, and bring it back to their community? Maybe they just had a bad sickness, but what about their 90 year old neighbor? Did she die from excessive diarrhea after eating their scones? Unfortunately we may never know.

The true scope of the devastation caused by the lake may never be known, but we can certainly take steps to put all of this needless suffering to an end.

Public Disgrace

Though some irrational people have retained a fondness for Lake Ronkonkoma, the majority of the public knows full well what kind of lake this is. And they talk about it constantly, causing great shame to the entire community of Ronkonkoma. For they, through name and geography, are associated with this lake. And the question people have in the rest of the nation, when they hear the story of the lake and the astounding fact that it has not been drained yet, is: "What kind of people are these?"

From newspapers to television, community forums to websites devoted to strange and awful places, Lake Ronkonkoma has been exposed time and time again as the disgrace it well and truly is. No one outside of Ronkonkoma is under any illusion, and all are wondering when the good people of Ronkonkoma will come together and fix this once and for all.

Even Government Knows

Even the government is aware of the scope of the problem. But all they want to do about it is to keep closing the lake to swimmers, while doing nothing about the root problems. During the summer of 2016, Lake Ronkonkoma was closed more times than all of the 190 beaches monitored by the Suffolk County Department of Health combined!

At this rate, people that want to keep swimming in this hellhole and residents that enjoy dumping their garbage in it and using it as a sewer will run out of excuses. For it won't be long before the Department of Health decides it is safer to simply shut down the lake for good. The only way to prevent this outcome is to Drain The Lake ™ before it is too late.