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A Fresh, New Lake

Once the lake is completely drained, the first stage in detoxification will be complete. But there will still be a lot of work to do if the lake is going to be refilled. Soil samples will have to be taken, and a great deal of dirt may need to be removed to a toxic disposal site. All of the debris and garbage accumulated over hundreds of years must be removed and carted away.
One of the major sources of pollution to the lake are the surrounding roads and houses. Runoff from the roads fills the lake with toxic gasoline, oil and antifreeze. Many of the surrounding houses also use the lake as their sewer. Clearly after going to all the trouble of draining and cleaning the lake, these issues must be dealt with in an enduring manner.

Refilling it Right

To do this right, road surveys will need to be completed and harmful roads either closed or moved. And these barbarians dumping sewage into the lake will either need to arrange for real sewers like civilized people, or their homes will have to be bulldozed. Enough is enough with this selfish nonsense.
The decision to refill the lake may seem initially attractive, but everyone should be aware that doing so will add years to the length of the project. These issues will have to be settled first, and even then it will probably take a long time to fill. In light of this, it is worth considering some of the other options that involve filling the lake bed with dirt or cement.

Improve Ronkonkoma

There are so many things that can be done with the land occupied by the lake that would improve Ronkonkoma far more than another lake. This is a real opportunity to identify how the removal of the lake can open the door to the future. A few concepts that hold particular appeal are:
Race Track
Nuclear Plant
Solar Power Farm
Low Income Housing
Bull Fighting Arena

Shoot for the Moon

If Ronkonkoma really wants to put itself on the map, and set an example for the rest of the world, there is a further exciting possibility.
The area that the lake occupies would be the perfect size for constructing a model City of the Future for truly modern living. A city designed, from the ground up, to take advantage of technology and to do things in a truly modern way. Ronkonkoma can teach the world how to put the past behind us and charge headlong into the future.